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Why does my child want occupational therapy?

"I know h/shee has to tie the shoelaces himself/herself, but it's too late and he/she is late getting ready in the morning"

But think about how confident he/she will be when he/she manages to tie the strings on his/her own?

"What does it mean that he/she does not write correctly? I understand his/her letters when I read them "

He/she does not write correctly we mean he/she does not use the standard grip, and does not follow the standard direction in writing the letters. Techniques that in the future will help him/her write more relaxed and more readable letters.

"What does it mean not to have the right grip?" I did not know there was a right and wrong grip"

There are types even on the handles. Think about how the door is locked, how you hold the glass to drink, how you cut the food to eat, how you press your buttons to get dressed. Every day and at an unsuspecting time we use all kinds of grips. And now think of a child who does not use the right grip to do the above. The difficulties that will arise will be daily.

"You tell me he/she can not stand the loud noises, and when i have the radio loud I get a headache"

The concept of loud noise is subjective for every human being. But a child who does not tolerate the sound of the motorbike passing outside, or when a toy falls in the room, or even when many children are talking loudly together, then the annoyance comes from other incomplete parts of the brain and needs to be investigated.

"And what does it matter if he/she does not play with other children at his/her age? and his/her dad was very shy little but then he changed"

A person’s socialization begins in infancy. And this ability of the child has developmental stages and accompanies the child throughout his life. If he/she stays behind in one of these stages, it will be difficult for him/her in his/her future interpersonal relationships.

Why does my child want occupational therapy?

Let’s start from the beginning, starting with what is the specialty of Occupational Therapy. Occupational therapy is therefore a specialty of the health professions. It is related to the development of the individual’s ability to function independently and functionally in his/her environment and to organize his/her free time in an organized way.

What does health mean for a child?
Except of course for the absence of any disease, a child is healthy when he/she eats, bathes alone or with the help of a guardian (according to the chronological age), has quality sleep, is active in school duties, plays with children in his/her environment and finally participates in social groups and leisure activities.

And when does a child need to start an occupational therapy program?
A child starts Occupational Therapy, when he/she finds it difficult to respond to one or more of the above skills, always having as a criterion his/her chronological age. Thus, the Occupational Therapist provides the help needed each time to help the child become more independent and productive. His/her main goal? To help the child enjoy his/her life as much as possible!!

Yiangou Eleni
Occupational therapist

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