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Ways to raise happy children: For parents

Divorce: What can I explain to my child .... !!!

Is my child happy? A question that torments many parents every day since parents are the ones who will lay the foundations for a happy life for their child.

It is very important for parents to help their children develop a set of “internal tools” that they can rely on for the rest of their lives.

There are many different ways for a parent to make their children happy and balanced.

    1. Take care of your own Physical and Mental Health.
    2. Offer emotional stability in your marriage and avoid fights in front of the child.
    3. Set limits and rules at home after everyone agrees.
    4. Both parents follow a common line of dealing with the various issues at home.
    5. Do not require the child to be “perfect”.
    6. Avoid being overprotective and intrusive.
    7. Avoid neglecting your child’s needs (material, physical, medical, emotional, social, etc.).
    8. Corporal punishment is highlighted in every case.
    9. Love and accept yourself and your child.
    10. Help your child recognize, express and manage their emotions (negative or positive).
    11. Be positive parents and express positive feelings for your children.
    12. Do not compare them with other children and do not judge them in every mistake.
    13. Help children develop their social functionality (friends, game, etc.).
    14. Spend quality time together.
    15. Help them discover their talents.
    16. Be supportive and energetic listeners. Listen to what they have to say and support them.
    17. Support their point of view and respect their opinion.

It is important that parents relieve their children of any responsibility for the separation. It is also important that parents do not carry cross-class messages, messages about financial issues, but also general messages about issues that put children in a difficult position. Finally, parents need to understand that children need to love both parents and keep their image in mind unaffected.

Militsa Demetriou
Registered School / Educational Psychologist (Registration Number 423)

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