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Stress management techniques for lessons

For children:

  1. Good organization:
  • On the desk is placed only one lesson at a time and only the items – books that are necessary.
  • Solve the exercises in order. In case you do not know one exercise go to the next one.
  • Start with lessons that require memorization.
  • Take notes and mark the key points with different pens / markers.
  1. Use repetition.
  2. Establish a regular sleep and diet schedule.
  3. Extracurricular activities are helpful (swimming, stadium, ..).
  4. The study space is important to be specific, large and bright.
  5. Take breaks during the study
  6. In case of anxiety and panic:
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
  • Take deep breaths (inhales and exhales).
  • Think of a beautiful picture.
  • Repeat internally a word or phrase that comforts you.

Militsa Demetriou
Registered School / Educational Psychologist (Registration Number 423)

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