Limassol Therapy Center

Stephanos holds a Master of Arts in Teaching: Special Education. He is also a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s degree in Artistic and Creative Therapies. His personal journey has made him the flexible and reliable educator he is today. His international experience gave him the ability to communicate and work with multicultural teams, an inherent love of helping others and a mindset that learning is a lifelong process. He can be described as an out of the box thinker, flexible, and someone who truly cares about his students. Described also as an individual with a “contagious energy and passion,” Stephanos always finds ways to step outside the norm and connect with all his students in a unique way. He is driven to help individuals prove to both society and themselves, that no matter the challenges they face, they can exceed all expectations.

His passion for teaching has opened a world of opportunity for the students he teaches. He is passionate about reaching his students in any way possible and strives to provide learning experiences that allow students to make personal connections, remain engaged, and celebrate their individual skills, talents, and abilities. Through engagement, a strong relationship, and fun skill based lessons, including artistic activities students can be successful and enjoy learning new things. He is committed to differentiating instruction to serve every individual and unique need.

Teaching is understanding that every child is unique, and has the ability to learn and make growth regardless of ability, become a lifelong learner at his/her own pace, and that every single student deserves a truly individualized education and have an equal chance to reach their goals. Each student has strengths and weaknesses and learning takes place when focusing and building on their individual strengths. All students can learn, and rapport is established when a nurturing positive environment is present. Stephanos believes what George Evans has to say about students, “Every student can learn, but not in the same day or same way.”