Limassol Therapy Center

Militsa Demetriou

Registered School / Educational Psychologist (B.A., M.A)

Militsa Dimitriou is a Registered School / Educational Psychologist (Registration Number 423) at the Cyprus Psychologists Registration Council. She obtained a degree in Psychology from the University of Cyprus. Then, she completed her postgraduate studies in Applied School / Educational Psychology (ISPA Accredited) from the University of Cyprus.

Militsa has worked as a School / Educational Psychologist in the Educational Psychology Service of the Ministry of Education and Culture, exercising the duties of a School / Educational Psychologist. She also worked as a Special Scientist at the Center for Applied Neuroscience of the University of Cyprus, as well as in various structures – associations in Cyprus, exercising the duties of a Psychologist.

Militsa provides services of psychometric evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of learning, emotional, behavioral and social difficulties of children and adolescents. She also provides counseling to parents, teachers and other mental health professionals in the family and school environment. In addition to the above, Mrs Demetriou also conducts training seminars and experiential prevention and intervention workshops for children, adolescents, parents, teachers and specialists.

Furthermore, she provides counseling and / or intervention to children and adolescents regarding emotional difficulties, social and behavioral difficulties, concentration, organizational and programming difficulties, which may be related to ADHD (hyperactivity, concentration), Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cognitive Difficulties , Divorce, Mourning – Death, School Denial, School Delinquency, Phobias – Fears, Night Urination, Special Learning Disabilities and more.

Militsa performs psychometric assessments using the tools: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-V), Weschler NonVerbal Scale of Ability (WNV), Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI) and Raven.

She has attended conferences and seminars on mental health and developmental disorders. She has also participated in conferences with research presentations that she conducted as a researcher during her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in collaboration with University professors.

Lastly, she is a member of the International School Psychology Association (ISPA), and the Cyprus Association of Psychologists.