Limassol Therapy Center

Michalis Ioustinianou

Occupational Therapist

Michalis Ioustinianou completed his studies in Occupational therapy at the European University and is an active member of the Cyprus Association of Occupational therapists.

During his studies and practical experience he has had the chance to interact and develop therapeutic skills with both children and adults facing a number of difficulties such as hemiplegia, tetraplegia, cerebral palsy, disorders within the autism spectrum, as well as a variety of disorders and mental disorders.

Additionally he has attended a plethora of seminars around the subject occupational therapy such as:

– Sesnory processing – Sesnory Integration: The impact on development, functioning and learning
– Practical strategies in the school context, School Readiness – Dysgraphia: Assessment and Treatment
– Children within the Autism spectrum – Funraisingblue
– Empowering young people with disabilities to access the labor market (SIDE Program)
– Educational workshop on Splints (Theory – Laboratory)
– Intensive Interaction

His clinical experience includes cases of:

– Autism Spectrum Disorders
– Developmental disorders
– Sensory Disorders
– Dyspraxia
– Dysgraphia
– Alzheimer’s
– Depressive episodes
– Bipolar disorder
– Schizophrenia
– Learning difficulties