Limassol Therapy Center

Martha Savva

Integrative Psychotherapist (MSc, PgDip)

Martha Savva is an Integrative Psychotherapist currently offering psychotherapeutic services towards adults, children and adolescents. She holds an MSc in Psychology of Child Development and a BSc in Applied Psychology, both undertaken in the UK, in the University of Central Lancashire. She has furthermore accomplished a four-year professional training in Integrative Psychotherapy, run by the Cyprus Institute for Psychotherapy, during which she received 1748 hours of traineeship, 270 hours of supervision, and 236 hours of personal therapy. Currently, she is attending a long-distance training course in School Psychology and Counselling offered by the University of Thessaly in Greece.

As a therapist she shows genuine concern in creating a safe environment where the therapeutic relationship can facilitate personal growth in terms of expression, exploration, awareness, communication skills, well-being, acceptance, interpersonal relationships and change.

As it concerns her work with children, Martha offers support, reinforcement and understanding, for them to build trust and deal with issues of anxiety, phobias, assertiveness, childhood trauma, grief and loss, emotional and behavioural difficulties, social interaction and more.