Limassol Therapy Center

Alexandra Papadopoulou

Speech and Language Pathologist (BSc)

Alexandra Papadopoulou is a licenced Speech and Language Pathologist with years of professional experience. She has received her professional degree in Speech and Language Therapy from the School of Health Sciences of the University of Ioannina (Greece). Alexandra specializes in Language Delays, childhood apraxia of speech, in early intervention, Oralfacial Myofunctional Therapy, Oral- Placement therapy, speech sound development, voice disorders, feeding therapy and social communication.

Alexandra holds various certifications such as: Integrated Voice Therapy Training for the rehabilitation of voice disorders, she have completed Level 1 PROMPT training ( a method for Childhood apraxia of speech), and is trained in oral motor/feeding techniques.

Additionally, she has specialized in SOS approach to feeding, a transdisciplinary program for assessing and treating children with feeding difficulties. She also specializes in Oral – Placement and myofunctional disorders in children and adults.

Furthermore, Alexandra offers evaluation and treatment of orofacial myofunctional disorders including thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, incorrect resting posture/swallowing pattern, lip incompetence (open mouth posture), mouth breathing, and tongue tie. She offers comprehensive oral sensory – motor feeding evaluation, oral placement therapy and feeding therapy.